The following figures offer some information about me, se(x,y)beta.

I have always been taught to present information succinctly and clearly, and that is why I’ve chosen to tell you my name by way of a column chart (see Figure 1).  What could be more succinct and clear than a chart that shows the proportions of my first name by letters in alphabetical order rather than in order of spelling is confusing as shit.

Figure 1: Proportion of First Name by Letters of the Alphabet Below is a great example (see Figure 2) of a graph that is an obvious and redundant graph that doesn’t really say much and is redundant, as shown below in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Age in Years by Years Alive, 1985 – 2011

All I will say about Figure 3 is that Trumpet = cool, no matter what chair you are, and Baritone = fat kid instrument … and I was a fat kid, so of course it was going to happen.

Figure 3: Pride in Retrospect by Moments in Life, 1985 – 2011 


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