Obama vs. Rmoney – who be donatin’?!

“Follow the money” – Deed Throat, All the Presidents Men

Good old Mittens has had a hard time connecting with the working class folks he so desperately believes he’s fighting for.  Sure, he doesn’t know what a donut is called, but he can’t be that out of touch, right?  Perhaps a look at the top ten campaign donors can shed some light on whose interests our lovely dueling candidates have in mind. See below.

The good news is that money doesn’t win elections (see Ross Perot and Steve Jobs), unless your idea of being rich means people liking you…and if that is your idea of being rich, then you are my grandma.  

In regards to Romney’s ability to secure the working class I raise the following question: How many working stiffs do you think would actually vote for their boss? I’ll give you a hint: the number looks like one of those, uh, chocolate goodies a donut.

Romney may have Goldman Sachs, but Obama has gold man-sacks.

Source: Federal Election Commission data,  as of Aug. 21, 2012.
Note: Donations are contributions made by an organization’s PAC, not by the organization itself. If you think that at all makes a difference then you’re silly.


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